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Welcome to Niki's World!

Niki Topgaard is one of Denmark's unique YouTubers, with a wide range of interests and talents! Did you know, for example, that Niki loves basketball and that he has actually been part of a musical pop duo with his friend Morten, who, among other things, applied for the x-factor back in 2013. Niki is probably what you would call a bit of a geek, especially when it comes to movies, video production, old game consoles and retro gaming. Niki's current channel "Niki Topgaard" was created in 2018, but you can track Niki on other old channels like Ronikycomedy , all the way back from 2006.

Niki's content varies widely, but one thing that is consistent is top-class editing and entertainment. Niki's past as a video editor on major TV productions such as " Natholdet " and "X-Factor Denmark" - has helped shape his skills in media production. Niki is currently living in northern Zealand.

We have worked with Niki for a long time, and are constantly working to develop and create new things for all of you out there. We are proud and happy to have Niki with us at FirstGrade, Denmark's largest YouTube Merchandise Portal.